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I love education D.E.T.S. Staff Pow wows! Singing & Dancing The support Teaching pride in ourselves as Native People American Indian People I like Diabetes class I like dancing with my friends Learning about our culture through activities Everything! The People I like to have fun Danielle's class; I have cultural opportunities and Pow wows! The awesome social workers! Learning the Language I love interacting with the students Sonic!!! The pow wows It helps our kids feel connected They take care of me dancing The dedication to the students Love the American Indian Always willing to help out Makes our community strong!! and I can learn about my heritage more the pow wow The staff AWESOME PEOPLE I like the food All the friendly people You learn about the American Indian culture drawing It was awesome FPOWW  translated to Pow wow Cindy! I love the amazing support of all the staff They enjoy my weirdness All the great friends I've made Academic suppport for H.S. Dancing for my people and elders is cool... They love our community and we love them Larry Yank & Angie Harper from Marcus Green The NDN staff and NDN's everywhere Gail Lamson Helping the kids! Prizes and All the tutors STAFF Bp Rngnsru...means hey I just a cute kid enjoying Indian Ed pow wows John Bobolink & all the great staff 100% The monthly pow wows Cultural Awareness Promotes Success One thing I love is that we have Lakota class so we can know more about our history dancing Drum group Larry Yank They are very helpful and kind It's cool and awesome the staff They have great staff

The American Indian Education Programs are supervised via the Office of Professional Development. The American Indian Education Parent Committee is composed of parents/guardians of American Indian students attending Saint Paul Public Schools. More ...

Quality Education—and Positive Identity

Indian Education Parent Committee

The American Indian Education Program's Parent Committee meets monthly to discuss issues and make decisions which affect the American Indian student population in Saint Paul Public Schools. 

Native American Curriculum

The Center for Professional Development and the Indian Education Office have collaborated over the years to develop high quality curriculum and provide the best available materials for schools.

School Counseling Services

The American Indian Education Program's School Counselor provides individual and group counseling to support high school achievement and post-secondary enrollment with attention to cultural inclusiveness.

Department Profile

Our Supervisor

Rosemary White Shield oversees the Saint Paul Public Schools' American Indian Education Program. She received her doctorate degree in 2003 from Iowa State University. She can be reached at rosemary.whiteshield@spps.org.

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American Indian Education Program
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