American Indian Curriculum

Native American Curriculum available for Teaching staff

Many opportunities are available for our SPPS students in the area of Indian Education. The Center for Professional Development and the Indian Education Office have collaborated over the years to develop high quality curriculum and provide the best available materials for schools:


Saint Paul Public Schools American Indian Education Program DVD Materials

Available for SPPS staff to check out from our office.

Curriculum incorporated into social studies courses on SPPS Web Site

1.  Elementary lesson plans which include American Indian resources cited:
•    Grade 1 “Comparison of Cultures” content guide.
•    Grade 2 “Neighborhoods and Communities” content guide
•    Grade 3 “Saint Paul Historic Events, People,Technological Changes” content guide. Materials developed by theCurriculum Team Teaching Saint Paul History Spring 2002—booklet and CDwhich includes Seth Eastman photos. Also, Rivertown: A History of St.Paul, Minnesota distributed by the curriculum team with an audio CDproduced in 2002.
•    Grade 4 “Minnesota: Cultures, Economy, Geography,and Institutions” content guide. Materials developed by the CurriculumTeam Minnesota Curriculum Resource Packet August 2000—booklet includednumerous maps and resource information.
•    Grade 5 “Indigenous Peoples of Americas” content guide.

2.  Numerous references to the American Indian History, Culture and Language:
Curriculum Framework, Minnesota Department of Children, Families andLearning, 1995 throughout the middle school and high school socialstudies lesson plans.

3.  Additional lesson plans for elementary WorldLanguage course on Ojibwe Values/Seven Teachings K-3 and 4-6. (NoCategory on website, but materials are available through MichelleBierman, Secondary Social Studies Coach, Center for ProfessionalDevelopment)

4.  Indian Land Tenure curriculum and lesson plans areavailable currently through Indian Education, Center for ProfessionalDevelopment, and on-line by September at the SPPS curriculum web-site.
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